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Is Idaho a Good Place to Live?

Is Idaho a Good Place to Live? That’s a question that many people ask, especially those looking to relocate to a state that will provide a better quality of life. With many people moving to Idaho from other areas, it stands to reason that Idaho is an excellent place to live, at least based on the sheer volume of people moving here.

But what is it like to live in Idaho? Let’s see if we can answer those questions and more as we explore the Gem State.

People visiting or looking for homes for sale in Idaho will notice that the area has four distinct seasons. Depending on what part of the state that’s visited will dictate the climate. The northern and eastern parts of the state will see more snow during the winter months, whereas the southwestern portion tends to be milder. The Capitol city of Boise sees about 18 inches of snow during a typical winter season, below the national average of 28 inches a year.

Something else people will notice is that during the summer months, it stays lighter a lot longer. In fact, in the southern part of the state, it stays light until almost 10 p.m. in late July, providing over 15 hours of sunlight. The converse is valid for the winter months, which can be very dark, nearing nearly 12 hours of darkness before sunrise.

Doing business in Idaho is a lot easier as the state keeps costs and taxes low, removing burdensome regulations that limit success. Also, Idaho’s average commute time is just under 21 minutes, allowing Idahoans to get to work and return home faster than other western metropolitan areas.

According to CNBC, Idaho has the 2nd lowest property taxes in the country and is a top 10 most tax-friendly state.

Idaho is also one of the northwest’s best-kept secrets for recreation. Residents can go hiking, biking, skiing, whitewater rafting, camping, and fishing within minutes of their home.

Jarrod Galm is someone who relocated to Idaho. He had this to say, “as someone who has moved to Idaho from another state, and I can speak firsthand that Idaho is a good place to live. It has a growing economy with lots of job opportunities, and housing and the overall cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other states. There’s ample access to recreation, and I believe my family is benefitting greatly from living here. Having lived here for nearly seven years, moving to the Treasure Valley was the best decision my family and I made.”

So, to answer the question, “is Idaho a Good Place to Live?” the answer seems to be “yes.”

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