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Love Where You Live

February is known as the month of love, and if there is one thing all of us at the Mike Brown Group love, it’s where we live! From the desert landscape to the jagged silhouette of the Teton mountain range, the warm summer nights, and the brisk cold air on a winter morning– there are places to see and adventures to experience.

But it’s not just the scenic backdrop and the four seasons that make Idaho a wonderful state; our locally sourced restaurants, wholehearted communities, and welcoming vibe transform this scenic state into a place that so many long to live. A place we are lucky to call home.

In the spirit of spreading the love, we thought we would share our first-hand experience on why Idaho stole our hearts!

In their Words

“I love Idaho for so many reasons, but being able to enjoy a morning on the mountain and then dinner in the city makes for a pretty amazing day!”

“One of the many reasons “I love where I live” is days like today, another crispy cold winter day with the deepest blue sky and plenty of sunshine to warm us up. I love our moderate climate and the four seasons that bring change and new beginnings. The views of our surrounding snowcapped mountains aren’t bad either.”

“The greenbelt is probably my favorite place on earth in the summer. Biking it with friends is the most serotonin-releasing activity I know of. Concerts at the Idaho Botanical garden are the highlight of the season. The mountains, hot springs, and hiking are all within an hour’s drive. All of the earth’s magical natural wonders– rivers, waterfalls, trails, mountains, and caves are close!

Also, the people are the nicest anywhere; it rivals the hospitality of the South. Everyone is willing to help, whether with roadside assistance, a nice comment at the grocery store, or a friendly neighbor checking on you.

I love the big city feel of Boise and its proximity to the country. I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone I know, and I love that. It takes less than an hour to get from one side of the valley to the other. There is something for everyone here, from city lovers to country folk.

And nothing beats jumping into the ice-cold river on a 100-degree day. I truly love it here!”

“I love the wide open skies, the natural beauty of the area, and the friendly people.”

“I love that there are so many recreation choices just a short drive away- from mountains to lakes, camping to hot springs. And I love the four seasons!”

“I love Idaho because of our values, and a handshake is still good as gold with most locals.”

“I Love Idaho because of the outdoors and recreational activities. Being close to the mountains, having the forest out our back door, and being in the high desert are simply amazing. Having all the seasons gives us such beauty to experience all year.

I love Boise because it’s growing but still has that smaller-town feel.

Northern Idaho is so serene and calming!
In addition to the natural beauty Idaho has to offer, the people make it so great!”

“I love Idaho because no matter where I travel, there’s no place like Boise, Idaho. The people, the climate, the attitude, and most of all… family! Maybe Idahome is a better name!”

“Idaho has more public lands per capita than any state! And we love to use em; from breathtaking mountains to crystal clear rivers and wide open skies, we have the best places to escape to.

Even though the area has grown, it has kept its small-town community feel where people help each other, look out for neighbors, smile at strangers, and say “Thank You.”

We have just the right amount of seasons. By the time I get sick of one, the next one rolls in, and we have something to look forward to!

The Treasure Valley has an abundance of public parks, green space, and fun things to do. Even after living here for years, we find new stuff to see and do.”

“I love Idaho because there never has to be a dull moment unless you want there to be! My husband and I have endless amounts of fun activities to keep our two energetic boys entertained. Our weekends are always jam-packed and full of fun, and we definitely take advantage of the Idaho outdoors – fishing, white water rafting, floating the Boise River, boating and wakeboarding, camping, dirt biking, and golfing in the summer. Snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and tubing in the winter. The outdoor activities for every season are endless. We love being outside in both the sunshine and the snow. There is endless entertainment as well. We’ve enjoyed plenty of outdoor concerts, music festivals, Shakespeare Festival, X-Games, Hamilton, Cirque de Solei, the Spirit of Boise hot air balloons, Twilight Criterium and Monster Jam, and amazing restaurants and patios, wineries, and breweries. We have fun whether we stay close to home in Boise or venture to McCall, Stanley and Red Fish Lake, or Island Park. We LOVE all of Idaho!”

I love Idaho because it’s a place unlike any other. While there are plenty of mountainous states, the Gem State is unique because it offers the recreation and the beauty of mother nature, with big city amenities within a small-town scene. On any given day, I can drive for less than 2 hours, and I am skiing, hunting, or mountain biking. I love the serenity of being on the lake, and regardless of what direction I look, I am surrounded by a mountain range. Although there is so much to explore in the Treasure Valley, the countryside of Idaho invites us to tap into our curiosity, slow down, and enjoy the view.

I love seeing the beautiful mountains every day, which I never take for granted. Add to that some of the most glorious sunsets, as well. Coming from the Midwest, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all four seasons, as none are as extreme as Ohio and Michigan. Outdoor activities of every kind are a hallmark of living in Idaho! There’s no limit to the possibilities of outdoor entertainment.

Our love for where we live is unmeasurable, but we want you to love where you live, too! If you are curious about moving to our beautiful state, here are some fun facts that might pull on your heartstrings to take the next step!

♥ Idaho has the most usable hot springs pools in the nation. Out of 340, over 130 are soakable hot springs, and most are easily accessible by hiking paths.

♥ 63% of Idaho is Public Land

♥ US News stated that Idaho is the 12th best state regarding environmental quality. It is also the second cleanest state in the country.

♥ Boise’s crime rate is 20 percent lower than the national average, making Idaho one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

♥ 4.7 million acres of designated wilderness.

♥ Over 70 wineries.

♥ 107,000 miles of rivers.

♥ Idaho has rare star garnets found only in two places in the world; the other is India.

♥ Home to Hells Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon.

♥ Home to the largest gondola ride in North America.

♥ Almost a perfect ratio of one man to one woman.


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