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Open Arms Dance Project

Open Arms is a multi-generational, inclusive dance company with a mission to help others feel witnessed through the power of dance. Their mission begins at the Open Arms studio, with individual dancers believing their stresses and joys, hardships, and trials are unique to them. Their synchronicity cultivates a message of empowerment and community by bringing their individual stories together through movement and connection.

In the journey of working alongside people who look or sound different, the dancers realize they are more alike than not alike. Their shared human experiences bring them together, ultimately moving towards greater compassion.


The Open Arms Dance Project mission is carried into our local community through performances. Audiences see their immense respect for each other and the cooperation it has taken to create the art presented.

“As Open Arms grows, so will the community we reach.  As funding grows, visions of dance films and documentary films will be realized, carrying the mission of the Open Arms Dance Project to our global community and moving the world towards greater compassion.”

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