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Why the Holidays are a Good Time to Sell Your Home

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Why the Holidays are a Good Time to Sell your home

As the view outside your windows starts to look like a snowglobe and shopping lists are top-of-mind, now may not seem like an ideal time to sell your home. Although you have a  lot going on, selling your home during the holiday season does have its benefits.

For over a year, it’s been a “seller’s market,” and demand has been at an all-time high. In conversations with your friends and family, it may seem like everyone has been taking advantage of the opportunity to sell and get top dollar for their home. 

You may have considered it yourself, but with the holidays approaching, you may be wondering, “Is now still a good time to sell my home, even during the holidays?”

There might not be a bidding war, and your home may stay on the market longer than the average during the spring and summer months. Still, as visiting family and holiday travelers explore Idaho’s winter escapes, it makes it a great time of year to consider selling your home.

  • Inventory is low during the holidays so, while you may not end up in a bidding war, you may be able to command a higher price.

  • Buyers tend to be more serious during the holidays.

  • Visiting Idaho during the holidays, potential buyers may consider job transfers and end-of-year tax breaks to move to the area.

  • Homes feel more comfy and homey during the holidays, creating an emotional connection for buyers.

Housing Inventory is Lower During Winter

Spring is conventionally the ideal time to sell a home. As the weather gets warmer, more families consider putting their house on the market as they look to move over the coming months.  Although selling in the spring and summer has its benefits, it also means the housing market is flooded with homes, making it less likely for your home to stand out. 

Homes listed around the holidays may command more money, even if the inventory is limited. 

Higher demand with lower inventory can benefit you as a home seller. Serious buyers won’t have an endless list of homes from which to choose, so there’s more time for them to focus on yours. The limited range of options available to buyers means you may be able to command a higher asking price for your property.

End-of-Year Timing

The end-of-the-year timing can play a large part in people making a move. Job transfers, for example, can happen at any time, but as people reflect on the past year and anticipate the year to come, it’s often a time that people choose to make a career change or consider moving to a new city.

Putting your home on the market and showcasing what the area offers for these relocation homebuyers who may not be familiar with the region provides an excellent opportunity for you as a seller.  You can leave a list of your favorite restaurants, shopping spots, and even recreational activities that are nearby so they can imagine living in your home and enjoying the area.

Reducing the property tax bill may not be the main reason buyers purchase a new home, but it could be why serious buyers make a move during the holidays. Buyers can leverage year-end tax advantages, deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan if a sale closes on or before December 31. These are additional reasons to prompt a buyer to move during the holidays instead of waiting until spring.

Create Demand for Your Home!

The holidays are when people gather around fireplaces, drink hot chocolate, and bake cakes and cookies. During the winter months, homeowners who put their houses up for sale can stage it to enhance the comfy and homey feel that appeals to many buyers.

Although snow is on the ground and you may not have beautiful flowers blooming in the front yard, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting.

Light the fireplace, have a yummy baked treat on the kitchen counter, and keep the sidewalk and driveway clear of snow and ice. These will all help to boost your home’s appeal.

Homebuyers like to imagine themselves enjoying their new home, so removing some of your photography and replacing it with holiday items can increase the feeling of warmth and comfort. They will imagine themselves having holiday parties around the dinner table or opening gifts by the fire.

Want more tips on how to prepare your home for selling during the holidays? Download this checklist so you can sell your house fast during the holidays!

It’s Not Too Late! Sell Your Home During the Holidays!

When you sell your home during the holidays, you’ll have less competition, more serious buyers, and possibly quicker sales. 

Want to increase your home’s appeal and demand during the holidays? Hiring a reliable real estate agent can help bring more serious buyers to the table during the holidays. They will help you create a warm and cozy atmosphere and take care of all the marketing and promotion, reducing the stress of selling your home during the holidays.

Beat the spring rush and list your home this holiday season so you can take advantage of low inventory and high demand. When you work with a real estate agent from the Mike Brown Group, you will get everything you need to prepare and market your home so you can sell your house to interested buyers.

Want tips on what you can do to increase your home’s appeal for selling this holiday season? Check out our “Holiday Home Selling Checklist” by clicking below:


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