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The Fastest Growing City in the U.S. for 2020 is…

…not in Idaho. But fret not, according to a new study by Wallethub, Meridian, Idaho, finds itself third on the list of America’s fastest-growing cities. Following-up on being named one of Money Magazine’s top 50 best places to live, Meridian is nipping at the heels of front-running Fort Myers, FL, and Bend, OR, for second place. Meridian is trailing the top city by about 1.5 points and is only a quarter-point behind Bend.

According to the study, Meridian ranked first overall for “Sociodemographics” and 76th for its jobs and economy rank. When looking at midsized cities with the highest growth, Meridian found itself second on the list behind Bend. Meridian did tie with several other cities for having the highest overall population growth. Additionally, the town was also tied for the top spot among cities with the highest job growth.

Not to be left out of the study, Nampa found itself as tenth on the list for the fastest growing cities and also had the highest poverty rate decrease. Boise found itself a distant 156th on the list for fastest-growing cities, still in the top third of all of the cities surveyed.

In all, 515 cities were evaluated based on two key dimensions, “Sociodemographics” and “Jobs and Economy.” Each of those dimensions was assessed against 17 metrics with different weights attached. Sociodemographics were measured by evaluating population growth, working-age population growth, and growth in the college-educated population’s share. Jobs and Economy were evaluated using Median Household Income Growth, Job Growth, Increase in the number of Businesses, Median House Price Growth, and Building Permit Activity Growth as examples.

With housing continuing to be at a premium, coupled with historically low mortgage interest rates, and a considerable demand, homes prices will continue climbing. Another study also says the Boise area as a whole is going to be a top real estate market for 2021. While the accolades are certainly welcome, they’re not helping when it comes to diminishing interest in the Treasure Valley. As a result, homes will be at a premium, which presents an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to sell their home.

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