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The Past, The Present, & Hope for the Future

The new year is usually ushered in with celebration and anticipation. In a single second, the present becomes the past, and the idea of all the possibilities that come with the “new” feel limitless.

It’s natural to feel excitement for what’s to come. The changing of the year is a time of reflection and introspection. Turning the page to the next chapter, continuing to write your story with a bit more wisdom, deeper insight, and life experience.

Steve Jobs once said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

So before we rush into 2023 and move on to the next big thing, we would like to take a moment of reflection– connecting the dots of the past and moving forward with hope for what’s to come.

Moments + Milestones

So much has occurred in the last twelve months. From around the world to our home state of Idaho, there’s been an undeniable shift in our well-being. As we have adapted and grown from this shift, it has become even more clear that our well-being, the core of who we are, is a reflection of our connection to our communities, our spaces, and our support systems.

It wasn’t long ago when our space, our home away from home, was in a corporate park at the end of a dead-end street and a stone’s throw from the busy interstate. We call it our home because that’s what an office is– it’s a gathering place for our staff and agents, clients, and their families. It’s the essence of community.

There, we created and collaborated. Within those walls, we were entrusted by our clients to fulfill dreams, and to be a leader with integrity in the proverbial pack. Arriving before the sun came up and staying long after the sun went down. Our purpose, the people we serve, inspired us to talk the talk and walk the walk. What started as a handful of people grew into a small and mighty army.

This is not to say we were exempt from the difficult times. A virus consumed the world and challenged us to work and retreat into our homes. Our building had empty halls and desks. Meetings took place over computer monitors and cell phone apps– our connection to one another was reliant on the very thing that can often keep us apart.

Nevertheless, when the world opened, so did our doors. Lives were changed, never to be the same.

But perhaps it was in the rupture of what once was and letting go of the comfort of the familiar– we discovered the courage to pursue what could be.

Fast forward two long years later, on November 28, 2022, we turned the key to our new sanctuary and welcomed our staff, agents, and clients to their new home base. It was always our hope to establish our heartbeat in the center of neighborhoods, schools, and parks.

To a person driving by, it’s just a new building, but to us, it is a space that shapes us. It’s a container of conceivability, an extension of our energy. It’s a balance of old roots and awakened hearts. It’s the gathering place of the greater whole of creatives, real estate luminaries, and community of clients.

Located in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, immersed in the human experience, our intention is to be a familiar face on a busy street and a pillar of support for our deeply valued clients. What we’re surrounded by on the outside, we cultivate on the inside; a friendly neighbor, an ally that is here to serve, a touch tree in a continually changing landscape.

Our doors are open; we invite you to connect and share this special place with us. We at the Mike Brown Group are grateful to be here, working together as a collective, to help you find your perfect space to call home.


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