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From local events and the best patios to unwind to real estate market trends and home-buying tips, you are right where you need to be. Explore your curiosity and check the boxes of essential details when looking for the perfect place to call home. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a good read.
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New Study: Treasure Valley Among Top Areas in the U.S. to ‘Staycation’
Photo Credit: The Coronavirus pandemic may derail a lot of people’s vacation plans this summer. Still, a recent study by the consumer website WalletHub shows the best and worst cities in the nation for a staycation. The study examined 182 U.S. cities, including the 150 most populated U.S....
A Word of Warning Regarding Mortgage Forbearance
Photo Credit: In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, many mortgage and student loan lenders have been promoting their forbearance programs, allowing people to take advantage of no payments on their loans for a defined period of time. While forbearance allows people to delay making payme...
Save Energy with a Free Energy-Saving Kit from Idaho Power
We recently completed our “Green Week” series where we explored ways to make our homes more energy-efficient. The tips included 53 Ways to Go Green, Going Green with Larger Home Improvements, and Six Simple Things You Can Do Around the House to Save Money and Help the Environment. Following-up on those earl...
Ask a REALTOR® – Who Pays Real Estate Commissions?
Real estate agents are providing a service to their clients, but generally don’t get paid in advance for the work that they do until a property sells. There are two commissions, the buyer’s agent commission, and the seller’s agent (also called the Listing Agent) commission. Generally, both agents share a tot...
Boise Spring 2020 Parade of Homes Award Winners Announced
As the Spring Parade of Homes draws to a close, the Building Contractors Association of Southwest Idaho has announced the winners for Best Kitchen, Best Master Suite, Best Interior Design and Finish, and Best Exterior Design. They also awarded homes for being the Best Decorated and the Best Overall. Every home i...
The Smarter Home – A Look at Today’s Smart Home Technologies
Do you remember visiting Disneyland and exploring Tomorrowland, seeing the new technological fads that would be in the homes of tomorrow? Even back then, it was evident technology was going to play an active role in our lives now and in the future. Today, we know technology has dramatically impacted our lives. ...

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