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Today’s high demand for Boise, Idaho property, combined with low interest rates, has created a market that may be tempting for real estate investors. Real estate investing has always been a popular venture, being historically viewed as a great low-risk investment. Before you make the decision to invest in Boise real estate, be sure to keep the following information in mind.

Renters and Investors Face Competition

With many people competing for properties in Boise, this does cause rent rates to increase, but it also causes listing prices to increase. Real estate investors, especially those interested in purchasing rental properties in Boise, often must compete with numerous offers, which causes the prices to inflate.

Not All Boise Real Estate

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by Scott Evans

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Posted on May 22, 2013 at 4:29 PM

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MIDDLETON -- A Middleton man has a plan to get the Nampa School District's budget shortfall paid off in a short period of time.

The plan is to raffle off homes in Nampa and raise enough money to erase the district’s financial problems.

Faith and hope - those were the two words used today when talking about the likelihood of this plan to raffle off homes to pay off the district’s debt.

Faith in people wanting to help, and hoping they'll buy a ticket.

Phil Allaire moved to Middleton about three years ago.

Like the rest of us, he began hearing and reading about the financial problems in the Nampa School

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You’ve likely heard the news that Boise, Idaho has become a seller’s market when it comes to real estate. The combination of fewer homes being listed, and low interest rates, has led to an influx of interested buyers. This can lead to great opportunities for sellers, but there are a few things to keep in mind before listing your home in this seller’s market.

Is Your House Ready to Sell?

Before listing your property, it is important to have the home evaluated in order to determine the true value and identify any issues that may hinder the closing process. By working with a realtor, you can access reputable home inspectors and determine the best plan of action.

List Your Home Using a Realtor

Because of the seller’s market, homeowners may be

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Especially for first time homebuyers, it can be very disheartening to submit an offer to purchase a dream home, only to learn that the offer is just one of many being made for that property. In the increasingly competitive Boise real estate market, this is happening very frequently. Here are a few tips for buyers competing for houses.

1. Put Your Best Price Forward

Before you submit an offer, have your realtor perform a comparative market analysis. This analysis will help you determine what a truly fair price would be for the property, given Boise market conditions. Your realtor can help you determine an offering price that will be both attractive to the buyer, and fair to you, which could not only help you win a bid war, but may also reduce the

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Boise, Idaho is experiencing a seller’s real estate market, meaning that there is a good chance that the Boise home you would like to live in may receive multiple offers. When purchasing a home in a seller’s market, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

Do Not Offer Less Than the Listing Price 

In a seller’s market, the seller does have more negotiating power and, with multiple offers being made, bidding too low may be the factor that causes the buyer to ignore your offer. Have your real estate agent help you determine the fairest bid price.

Include a Preapproval Letter with Offer  

Sellers are typically most interested in buyers who can close quickly. They do not want the transaction to be held up due to financing problems.

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4346 N. Chapala, Boise Id 83713

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home is conveniently located on a corner lot with room for RV parking. Open kitchen with custom cabinets, slab granite counter tops, breakfast bar and separate pantry. Hardwood floors in kitchen, eating area and entry. Master bath has tile floors, garden tub and separate shower. Oversized fully insulated 2 car garage. Exterior walls have blown insulation for a superior sound barrier and energy efficiency! Hardwood floors have recently been refinished. Back patio overlooks the creek.

For more photos, please visit the virtual tour: http://www.tourfactory.com/993364

For information or to schedule a showing, call 208-472-5353

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Parade of Homes Coming to Boise in April and May 2013

If you are not already familiar, the Parade of Homes is a nationwide tradition that has traveled around the United States since 1946. When the Parade comes to town, the best new houses in the region will be showcased for several weeks, allowing home buyers, sellers, and other individuals in the real estate industry to see all of the latest design features that are making waves in the building and design industries today. We are excited to announce that the Parade of Homes will be coming to Boise, Idaho, lasting from April 27th until May 12th 2013.

The Parade will be open and welcoming visitors every day during these dates, giving people throughout Boise the opportunity to see new homes for sale in

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The Mike Brown Group: Boise Short Sales

Homeowners all across the country find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of slowly losing the grip on their home. This is no different for residents of Boise, Idaho. But there is an answer. Boise short sales offer a chance for homeowners to walk away without suffering the paralyzing effects of foreclosure.

Simply put, a short sale means that a bank is willing to accept a payoff that is short of what is owed on the loan. By labeling a home as a short sale, they are advertising their intention to the public. This draws in a much larger crowd of potential buyers and gives the bank a much greater chance of selling it sooner.

Why would a bank make such an offer? Because in the end, it saves them money. Foreclosures cost banks an obscene amount of

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The Advantages of Having an Agent: The Mike Brown Group REALTORS®

Selling a home involves a careful blend of specialty areas, some of which include marketing, follow-up, market information and negotiating skills. Even with so much importance riding on the sale, many Americans still make the decision to try to sell their home themselves. Thats why its important to know the benefits that are derived from using a selling agent.

When sellers are asked why they would take on such a monumental task, the most common answer is always to save on the commission. But when you break down a deal, the truth is that there really isn’t any money being saved. In fact, sellers typically end up actually losing money- sometimes considerable amounts of it.

Take a look at marketing. A selling agent contracts to show your property and

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The Mike Brown Group: How to Handle an Expired Boise Home Listing

Selling a home can create some tense situations. But nothing is more stressful than a home that has been on the market and not sold. Unfortunately, when potential buyers continue to see your home on the market week after week, their first impression is that something must be wrong with it. In reality, if a home is marketed properly, in good condition and priced right, there is no reason why it shouldn’t sell.

So, the questions is: how do you properly market a home, what do you classify as “good condition”, and what is the “right price”? The reality is when a home has been sitting the seller and/or agent does not know the real answers to each of these questions.

Marketing: There are many different ways to market a home. But you can’t go with cheap

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