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Kat O’Connor

With her creative concoction of experience and keeness for all things media, The Mike Brown Group is excited to welcome Kat O'Connor to the team! Before Kat dove headfirst into the world of digital media, she spent years honing her skills in ...

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Debra Toshi

Debra Toshi joins The Mike Brown Group as a transaction coordinator. Prior to joining our team, Debra worked as a back office support assistant, office manager, bookkeeper, and a transaction coordinator. She says she chose a career in the real ...

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Shelbi Thomas

Shelbi Thomas joins the Mike Brown Group as a Listing Coordinator. Shelbi usually begins her day having coffee and listening to a podcast. Once she’s done working for the day, she usually squeezes in a workout before doing something fun w...

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Brett Rudolph

Brett Rudolph joins the Mike Brown Group as a Digital Marketing Assistant and Videographer, responsible for creating compelling videos to use across our media platforms. Brett describes himself as fun, positive, and creative. His colleagues...

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Kasey Potter

Kasey Potter joins the Mike Brown Group as a graphic designer. In his role, he helps create a variety of printed and web-based collateral to promote the group and its listings. When he was ten, he dreamed of being an architect or a comedian....

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Melinda Truman Coleman

Melinda Truman-Coleman is the esteemed Director of First Impressions at the Mike Brown Group. Her innate warmth and genuine care are immediately evident from the very first interaction. Melinda has a deep understanding that details matter, and ...

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Corinne Frye

Corinne joined the Mike Brown Group with an extensive background in social media communications. With a degree in Visual Communications, this conceptual creative has a keen eye for turning photographs into a moving sequence of spaces and places...

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Tricia Dietzler

Tricia Gibson never planned on working in real estate, but it all changed after landing a position in an administrative role that allowed her to work with amazing agents. Today she says, “…real estate found her and she has never looked back...

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