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Summer Days + June Nights

The warm summer month of June brings outdoor adventures, a variety of festivals, and a Father’s Day celebration!From dancing the day away at the Boise Music Festival to celebrating Cherry Trees and Busy Bees at the Emmett Cherry Festival, en...

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Earth Day 2023!

With Earth Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how we can care for our planet and the positive changes we can make in our daily lives that will preserve our beautiful state as well as the earth.With at least 115 named mounta...

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April Events + Activities

April showers bring May flowers, but that’s not all April will bring! Even though Easter may be this month's main event, you can take the midnight train to see Journey. And that’s just one of the many events you don’t want to miss!How ab...

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March Events and Activities

Blooming Flowers + Pot of Gold March has arrived, and we are officially on the countdown to welcoming the first day of spring! Hopefully, the luck of the Irish will bring blooming trees and flowers and longer daylight hourss!  From country...

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Love Where You Live

February is known as the month of love, and if there is one thing all of us at the Mike Brown Group love, it’s where we live! From the desert landscape to the jagged silhouette of the Teton mountain range, the warm summer nights, and the bris...

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February Events and Activities

We are headed into February, the last month before spring officially arrives! The month where the groundhog makes his debut, where we celebrate all things love, and the only month with 28 days, aside from leap year. Whether you are an admirer o...

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Simple Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Bringing in the new year can be an exciting time. Most of us look forward to letting go of the old to welcome the new. But the winter season can often lead to what is known as the Winter Blues. When the holiday festivities end, there’s a real...

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The Past, The Present, & Hope for the Future

The new year is usually ushered in with celebration and anticipation. In a single second, the present becomes the past, and the idea of all the possibilities that come with the “new” feel limitless. It’s natural to feel excitement for wh...

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A New Year Full of New Things!

2023 is just days away, and we are ready to start the new year off right! With renewed excitement for what’s to come, January offers everything to reset, reconnect, and turn the winter into an adventure! The new year invites us to set new go...

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Holiday Traditions with the Mike Brown Group

As one holiday transitions into another and the calendar fills up with Christmas parties, school plays, and office celebrations; the approaching new year reminds us that it’s time to slow down, lean into the moment, and cherish the people tha...

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