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Jarrod Galm

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Jarrod Galm

The Mike Brown Group is excited to have Jarrod Galm as part of our Marketing team. He’s our Senior SEO Marketing Specialist which is code for him having a way with words. Not surprisingly, poor grammar is one of his pet peeves. 

A graduate of both San Diego State University and the University of Phoenix, Jarrod has worked for a variety of organizations in his career. He affectionately refers to himself as a “recovering Fortune 500 marketing manager” as he was once a regional marketing manager for a division of Sears.  

Jarrod is married to Heather and is the father of two darling daughters, Michaela and Amanda. The girls occupy a lot of his spare time with dance classes, sports, trips to the Children’s Museum, the Zoo, parks, etc. During his non-daughter-occupied spare time, he does enjoy reading a good book, catching up on TV, or seeking out the next best technological innovation. He also enjoys dining out, socializing with friends and neighbors, and trying a good craft brew or two. He has an affinity for IPAs.

Most people don’t know that Jarrod is an amateur magician and has met Penn & Teller and David Copperfield. He also has a goal of seeing a baseball game live in every major league baseball stadium. So far, he’s seen games in 11 different stadiums including the homes of the Padres, Dodgers, Angels, Mariners, Rays, Mets, Nationals, Orioles, Diamondbacks, A's, and Giants. 

Jarrod also has a few causes he’s passionate about and enjoys supporting:

The Lucky Fin Project is an organization that helps bring awareness for children with limb deficiencies or deformities. In having a daughter with such a “different ability,” he feels it’s important for people to understand that they’re no different than anyone else.

Shriners Hospital for Children does amazing things for families with children who need specialized pediatric care. And considering the families are never charged for their services, they’re a blessing for those who need advanced care without the added financial burden.

The American Cancer Society. Everyone has been affected by this horrible disease in one way or another and hope that a cure is found.

If Jarrod could be anywhere right now, he’d be on a tropical island, think St. Maarten, Hawaii, Fiji, etc. For now, you’ll find Jarrod toiling away on the latest prose for the website and marketing collateral produced by The Mike Brown Group marketing team.

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